Hi, I'm Jerusha!

I'm a freelance Illustrator and Designer who enjoys creating work that

 impacts people, transforms environments and inspires thought. 

Untiring Love Album Art.png
Plastic Consumption
FINALESTArtboard 2 copy 6.png
Take care of your home.png
Plastic Neutral
Recycling rates in India
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Plastic pollution
Theatre performance
Kit illustration
Long Distance
More plastic tha fish
Disposable coffee cups
Earth Day
Travel poetry
Floral wedding card
No Plastic
Footprints in the sand
Christians and Creation-04.png
Rag picker India
Dance classes
NEW SIGNS8 finArtboard 3 copy 8.png
GEM Banner final.jpg
DD emailer referenceArtboard 1 copy 10_e
DD Maggots 2Artboard 1.png
Plastic Neutral
Site Final bookhuntArtboard 1 copy 3.png
Remix powder2Artboard 2 copy 9.png
Plastic pollution
Singe use plastic
2Scramble Business Cards_Horizontal Fron
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Kerygma brochure insideyellow.png
FISH  2-10.png

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