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Plants and trees use the wind to their advantage

Dispersing seeds of many sizes into lands far and wide

Some look like flowers, some look like pebbles,

Some look like little thorns and some stick to fur.

The seeds land on ground, get buried deep,

Affix themselves in feathers of birds

Some on boulders and in thorny fields,

They’re resilient,

always trying to push through

Tiny spaces and dark crevices,

Some break open into the soil,

They spring up into many species small and large,

Sprouting, branching out, producing fruit,

Youthful trees, plants, weeds and feed

For birds and animals and humans too.

Humans learn quickly,

So we use the wind too.

We share our work with nature far and wide,

Only we disperse plastic,

That doesn’t grow into anything new.

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