Album Art Illustration

All Peoples Church Bangalore , 2018

The album art is inspired by 6 different chapters of the book of Psalms. 

An illustrated piece for APC MUSIC.

APC untiring love.jpg

So much of the Psalms are David just pouring his heart out to God, in praise, in hurt, in fear, in love, in worship, and his words always end with a bursting forth and proclaiming of God’s beauty, in response to God's call. 

This illustration, a heart woven together with so much intricacy and detail, as a weaver would tirelessly stitch every thread into a tapestry. The Lord knit us together in our mother’s womb, lacing together our every organ, our spirit, soul and very life, with so much tender care, perfection and immense love, always keeping the bigger picture in mind. It represents our belonging to him, our creator, who knows us inside-out, knows every fibre in our being. 

A heart represents both love and life, both emotion and breath. God gave us this life and we see his greatness even now, while we still have a physical heart of flesh.

The background is the cover of the night. The Lord watches over us at all times, even in the night, because he never grows weary, slumbers or sleeps. Night and day are the same to him. 

The waves express the unending fathers love, like waves that come crashing, its inexplicable, colourful, beautiful and sometimes even abstract. When we look at an ocean, even though we can see a horizon, the waters seem endless, just like the Father's love.

It also represents the fierceness of his love, we have nothing to be afraid of because He is more powerful than anything. 
The tree is a very direct visual that represents Psalm 1, a flourishing tree planted by streams of water. 

The birds perched on the tree represent praise. Almost all through the creation of this piece, there was a bulbul that sat on the avocado tree outside my window and sang. I kept wondering if it was praising God just as I did.  If the birds praise Him, how much more must we. I added two birds to portray community worship. 

The bird sat in the sanctuary of the tree just as we will sit in the house of the Lord. 

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