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Jerusha Keziah Isaac

Illustrator based in Bangalore

If I could describe myself in two words, I'd say I was curious and observant. It is for this reason that I am never without a book in my hand - whether a sketchbook, a novel or a journal, I like to document the things I experience. I'm an ardent doodler, whose interests range from illustration and writing to education and the environment. Some of my favourite things to do are bird-watching, walking my dog, travelling to obscure places and exploring the outdoors. 

I am deeply committed to the stewarding and restoration of the environment, and enjoy living a zero-waste, low-impact lifestyle. One of my passions is teaching children. I teach art to toddlers, whom I find make fascinating, insightful and brilliant students. 

I'm hugely detail oriented and intentional in my work habits. I love envisioning concepts and bringing them into fruition. All of my work is driven by conscientiousness, integrity and a strong sense of purpose.