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36 Days Of Type

Blink Again, 2020


Blink Again is a community for conversation on sustainability. It teaches the common man about conscious consumption, green living and zero-waste.

My Work

Graphic Design, Type Design, Illustration, Strategy, Marketing, Content, Copy.


Logistical and Research Assistance: Leandra Menezes

Content Writing: Pritika Rao, Leandra Menezes

Ideation: Natalia Rebecca Isaac, Deborah Jessica Isaac

A for All Things3Artboard 1.png
B for BYO6Artboard 2.png
CdarkgreenArtboard 3.png
D for durableArtboard 6.png
E eventsArtboard 5.png
F Artboard 6 copy.png
gArtboard 7.png
H homeArtboard 8.png
I influenceArtboard 9.png
Join handsArtboard 10.png
K - keep1Artboard 10 copy.png
L3Artboard 10 copy 22.png
Morewithless1Artboard 10 copy 32.png
NoArtboard 10 copy 42.png
OceanArtboard 192.png
plant5Artboard 182.png
QTArtboard 19 copy2.png

More Projects

Newsletter Header Final-09.png
POS mockup1.png
Cover imageArtboard 122.png
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