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Community Project

Bangalore Book Hunt, 2017


Bangalore Book Hunt is a project that aims at engaging a community of readers in the city Bangalore. 

My Work

Co-founder: Project management, Branding, Design, and Illustration for all collateral ranging from stickers, to web page to social media posts. All collateral was made in English and Kannada to cater to a local audience. 


Co-Founder, Co-writer, Co-Designer, Logo designer: Neil Kurien

Mentors and Financial Support:  Write Leela Write

Kannada Translation: Chandana Nag, Dharshan Swaroop

Logistics and storage: St+art India

Permissions and Security: BMRCL Staff

Photographs: Raunak Hazarika, late Ram Mohan

Site Final bookhuntArtboard 1 copy 5.png
Tina Fey 2.jpeg
Tina Fey 1 .jpeg

The project began with hours of field-research, visiting areas of the city where we saw need. Rummaging through a plethora of ideas, one common thread was the lack of connection between city-dwellers and their surroundings. People walked, talked, shopped and ate without looking up from their devices. We decided the best way to create a solution to citizens incognisance replace their devices with books, but books that didn't just tell the story they were written for, but books that contained reminders of the community that surrounded them.


We further developed our project by asking ourselves questions about our mission, goals and purposes, understanding our audience and having meaningful discussions with our mentors. This good foundation of research allowed us to develop a strong brand and a social media strategy and to look into further details of the project, like the kinds of books we wanted. We gamified our project and aptly named it Bangalore Book Hunt. 

Our next steps were to first, collect our products - the books, which were kindly donated to us by friends and well-wishers. 
Second, write our content, design a logo (as done by my partner, Neil Kurien), and to create the rest of our visual identity. We also looked into imagery that encapsulated hidden nooks of our bustling city, which I enjoyed illustrating.

Third, put everything together to create the collateral we required to make our project functional.  

New Doc 2017-05-23 (1).jpg
New Doc 2017-05-23_1.jpg
Site Final bookhuntArtboard 1 copy 7.png
Site Final bookhuntArtboard 1 copy 4.png
Site Final bookhuntArtboard 1 copy 6.png
Site Final bookhuntArtboard 1 copy 3.png

We had the privilege of being featured in several Indian newspapers and blogs. 


Indian Express 

Asianet News
National School of Journalism 

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