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Penumbra - Album Art

Sahil Mathew, 2019


The eclectic collection of music represents a very melancholic, disturbed, yet edgy set of emotions. The producer uses samples from everyday life to distinguish between the ignorance of our society distracted by noise and the simplicity of life in all its innocence.

My Work

Digital Art, Type design: for social media and other representation along with header design for Bandcamp page. The image portrays the nonchalance of society as represented by the cat - unaware and disinterested in the beauty it sits amidst. 


Art for a Beat Tape produced by Sahil Mathew

FINALESTArtboard 2 copy 6.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 8.12.27 PM.png

More Projects

Ocean Plastic Pollution
Wedding Card wreath-_SQUARE.png
Untiring Love Album Art.png
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