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Social Media Campaign

rePurpose, 2019


A series of illustrated creatives for an Instagram campaign for rePurpose, a global initiative to combat plastic pollution through the alleviation of the working conditions of waste-workers.

My Work

Illustration, Graphic Design, Visual Identity Design


Ideation, Videography: late Ram Mohan 

Ocean Plastic Pollution
Plastic Pollution
Earth Day
Ocean Plastic Whale
Rag Picker
Take care of your home.png
Plastic Neutral
Plastic Bottle vs. Reusable Bottle
Plastic Footprint
Plastic Consumption
Plastic Neutral
Ocean plastic
Plastic Footprint
Plastic Neutral
Zero Waste Living
Plastic Pollution in Fish

The process.

Branding, design, questions

Sample 2 with garbage -02.png
Waste worker new-05.png
6 Tips to Avoid Plastic1Artboard 1 copy.
Avoid Plastic 7Artboard 1 copy 7.png
Earth day 2-07.png
Just Rebalanced1-03-03-03.png
Process Graphic Dark-06.png
Process Graphic w ill1-08-08.png
Footprints HumanArtboard 2.png
Oceans3Artboard 2 copy 2.png
World Map BLUE Final -18.png
Whale pink-17.png

More Projects

BubbleGum Travel.jpg
A for All Things3Artboard 1.png
RGM LOGO1Artboard 1 copy2.png
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