Store Signage

Daily Dump, 2019


A 6x3 ft sign-board with a strong, yet simple call to action - to invite potential customers to join their environmental mission by experiencing their innovative products.

My Work

Graphic Design, Illustration, Copy-writing

Worked under the direction of client: Poonam and her team


The client wanted a sign to replace the old one at her storefront, because the previous one wasn't being noticed by passers-by. I was able to recommend brighter colours to match the colour palette of her brand and to create copy that was more inviting and highlighted the purpose of the store and experience centre. The first part of the process included creating copy - after a few rounds of discussion and ideation, understanding the audience and the culture of the area in which the store was situated, the team collectively came up with the copy. 

2. Deciding the replacement plans for the signage

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