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Album Art: Untiring Love

APC Music, 2018


The album by APC Music is inspired by 6 different chapters of the book of Psalms. The art captures the essence of these songs with a lyrical interpretation through each line. 

My Work

Illustration and Design


Graphic Design: Praveen Sangal, Melchizedek Kerkatta

Direction: Sharene Joseph , Carol D'souza

Film: Raja Shekar

UL Corrected Final 19-10-2018-01.jpg
Untiring Love Album Art
Take1 UNTIRING LOVE -02.jpg
brighter colours tapestry5 -04.jpg
Album Art final colours-03.jpg

This project began with me receiving a one line interpretation of the album that was being produced and then a rough copy of the unfinished songs. I listened to them deeply and wrote down words, phrases, ideas and thoughts I had in relation to the genre, lyrics, musicality and meaning. 

My starting point was based on the title of the album " Untiring Love: A Tapestry of Psalms", I wanted the piece to look like a tapestry, while weaving together the lyrics based on biblical poetry "I knit you together in your mother's womb." I depicted various representations of this phrase through my sketches and initial work. The human heart in its vulnerability and beauty being the central illustration. The aim was to illustrate it like an embroidered piece in a detailed tapestry.

The initial approach the piece required several changes once reviewed. While the idea was good, I needed to tweak the execution in order to convey the thought of a tapestry and to bring focus to the rest of the truths of the music. I began to work on various other elements and to explore different colour treatments. 

Each element that took shape communicated a part of the musical story that can be read about in my blog post

My work along with work by other illustrators was sent to a team of people who voted for their favourite. Once mine was selected, I worked under the art directors of the project who helped me refine the piece and finalise a colour scheme. A team of designers worked on the typography, and placement and print-ready files.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 1.23.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 1.23.35 AM.png

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