Here’s a start.

I’ve always loved nature and mountains and animals and insects and oceans.

I also always thought I was super conscious about the planet. I closed the tap when I wasn’t using water, I filled a bucket anytime there was a leakage, I made sure I turned off the lights when I left my room, I carried a bag to the local vegetable store when the family went grocery shopping, I walked short distances.

I thought I was doing a great job. After all, I followed all the rules we had received during those long, boring environmental science lessons where the teacher would ramble about the water cycle and saving electricity and not wasting food.

Almost all knowledge is only fun when its made practical, and over time, I’ve noticed the weightage of those E.V.S classes. It was never about the rules and the DOs and DON’Ts.

8 months ago, while I was surfing the internet and I found this Ted talk by a woman named Bea Johnson. Those of you that are familiar with zero-waste, know what I’m talking about. I was so amazed by the idea, I quickly took my laptop to my mum’s room, sat my parents down and made them watch it too. They were delighted. We made a decision. As a family, we were going to try and embark on this journey of zero waste.

It was new and exciting. Suddenly, my whole interest in the environment got a lot larger. Suddenly, my love for all creatures, my impending need to make a difference, seemed of some value.

Here I am, 8 months later, with the same sentiments. One of the best decisions I made!

Over these past few months, I’ve collected a multitude of hilarious experiences and strange tales. I decided I needed to put these narratives somewhere and maybe even help other eco-conscious humans.

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