Leaves at Leon

My friend and I were at Leon Grill. A casual dine-out with delicious food.

As usual, after we had decided on our order, I explained to the cashier that I didn’t want any plastic/butter paper wrapping around my burger like they normally serve it. He looked at me questioningly and asked if he could give me a plate. I laughed and checked that it was a reusable plate. Seeing that it was, I agreed.

They handed us a beeper (for lack of knowledge on what to call it) which would tell us when our order was ready. Hadn’t seen one of those before and I was, to be honest, quite intrigued. We took our seats at the far end, just by the waffle corner. It smelt heavenly.

After a lengthy wait, the device lit up to show they were ready for us. I got up to collect our meal. I went up to the kitchen counter and one of the cooks stood there looking at me with bewildered eyes, as if he’d never heard of someone who didn’t use plastic. He probably hadn’t. As I looked into his hands and what they held, I had to hold back a peal of laughter.

In his hands was a plate full of lettuce and jalapeños.

Clearly tackling some signs of miscommunication, the cashier quickly scurried towards the cook and explained that he had to add the rest of the burger. When he mentioned I didn’t want any wrapping, they decided to leave out the bread and the meat too. Just for effect, I suppose. 

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